The Church’s address is 3300 Easton Blvd, Des Moines, IA 50317. Click HERE for Google Directions…


From the North:  Exit I235 at Exit 12, Euclid Avenue.  Turn left on Euclid and go one mile to E. 33rd St.  Turn right on E. 33rd and proceed one mile to Easton Blvd.  Church and school are on the left.

From the South or West:  Exit I235 at Exit 10A, Easton Blvd.  Turn right on Easton Blvd and proceed 1.5 miles to E. 33rd St.  Church and School are on the left.

From University Ave:  Turn north on E. 33rd and University (State Fairgrounds), and proceed one mile north to Easton Blvd.